Simplified Process: How to Obtain an EIN Number in India for CFOs

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A vital first step for companies growing into the US is to get an Employer Identification Number (EIN). For Indian Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), knowing how to get an EIN is crucial to guaranteeing adherence to US tax laws and enabling efficient company operations. This page offers a thorough walkthrough of every stage of the procedure for CFOs in India to get an EIN number. 

Importance of an EIN Number

A unique nine-digit number, an Employer Identification Number (EIN) is given by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to identify companies doing business in the United States. It is comparable for persons to a Social Security number. Among the many things you need the EIN for are creating a company bank account, paying taxes, recruiting staff, and requesting business permits. Obtain an EIN number is an essential first step for Indian CFOs to become legally and compliant in the US market. 

Preparing the Required Information

CFOs need compile all the information required before beginning the application procedure. This covers the names and Social Security numbers (SSNs) or Individual Taxpayer Identification numbers (ITINs) of the main executives or owners;

  • the legal name and address of the company; 
  • and the kind of entity (e.g., corporation, partnership, LLC); 
  • an extensive account of the company operations; 
  • the rationale behind the EIN application (e.g., launching a new company, compliance obligations)

Ready preparation of these information will expedite the application procedure and prevent delays. 

Completing the SS-4 Form

Applying for an EIN is done officially using IRS Form SS-4, Application for Employer Identification Number. The IRS website offers a form that CFOs may download and complete with the necessary information. Sections of the form cover the legal framework of the company, contact data, and information on the main officers. Complete the form precisely to avoid rejections or processing delays. 

Submitting the Application

CFOs in India can apply for an EIN online, by fax, or by mail. 

Online Application

Applying online on the IRS website is the easiest and fastest way. But those possessing a current US Social Security Number (SSN) or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) are the only ones eligible to apply online. The primary officer or CFO may apply online and get the EIN right away if they have an ITIN or SSN. 

Fax Application

Should the online application be unavailable, CFOs may fax the IRS the completed Form SS-4. The particular IRS service center handling the application determines the fax number and processing time. Usually, fax applications are handled in four business days, and the EIN is sent or faxed. 

Mail Application

Should you choose more conventional approaches, you can submit the IRS the completed Form SS-4. Processes using this approach take the longest, four to six weeks. Using a reputable courier service can help to guarantee that the application gets to the IRS on time. 

Receiving and Using the EIN

The IRS will provide an EIN after the application is processed. Among the business uses for this number include recruiting staff, creating a US bank account, and submitting both federal and state taxes. Being formal proof of the company’s tax identification number, the EIN confirmation letter should be kept carefully. 

Common Challenges and Solutions

Although getting an EIN is usually easy, CFOs might run across problems including missing paperwork, inaccurate data, or processing delays. To lessen the effects of these: 

  • verify all information again before submitting the application; 
  • make sure all necessary paperwork is exact and full; 
  • and follow up with the IRS if there are any major delays.

Another way to handle any problems in the procedure is to speak with US tax consultants or legal experts. 


CFO India wishing to start or grow their business activities in the US must first get an EIN number. CFOs may move quickly through the process by knowing the value of the EIN, getting ready the required data, and selecting the right filing method. Sustaining adherence to US tax laws will make business operations easier and help the firm grow successfully.

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